Possums at Baker Creek 

Possums at Baker Creek 


Bob Holt 


"I would say that my style was developed more from the Appalachians style. It's what they used to call, in the '20s, Georgia style. It's a fast bow cut. It's got rhythm that you won't find in other types, like Texas fiddling or north Missouri fiddling or anyplace else. It's a rhythm to put your foot down to. It makes you want to dance. It may not be perfect in tonal quality, and it may not be perfect in anything else, but when you get out on the floor, Dad always said you had to have someplace to put your foot down."

Board of Directors

President & CEO, Karlene McGill - Born in a log cabin in Stone County, Missouri, Karlene spent most of her career as a closing specialist for several title companies, rising to the position of vice-president. Karlene became the camp director for the second Traditional Ozark Music Camp and has coordinated both the camps and the Possum Holler Fiddlers since that time.  Karlene has been the “hands-on” person since that time, being instrumental in organizing camps, arranging performances at churches, fund-raisers and festivals.  She has organized out of the area trips to Kansas, St. Louis, Scotland, and Washington D.C. 


Vice-president, Craig Dudenhoffer - Craig is a parent and manager of Wal-mart Store.


Secretary, Wendy Wright - An active supporter of OMM, Kim is a parent and an elementary school teacher.  


Treasurer, Lowell Thomsen - Until his retirement, Lowell Thomsen was the chief financial officer for Tela-Trip Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mutual Of Omaha. After his move to the Ozarks, Lowell became active in community organizations, particularly his church, where he serves in several capacities including that of church treasurer.


Director , Judy Domeny Bowen - Judy is an elementary school teacher and since childhood an Ozark folksinger extraordinaire


Consultant, Bob McGill - Bob was employed for seventeen years as a Youth Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension Service. Following that, he was the founder and director of a not-for-profit corporation, Ozark Adventures.  He holds a PhD. from the Union Graduate School, Cincinnati Ohio. 


History of Ozark Mountain Music 

Ozark Mountain Music began its existence in the summer of 2008 by conducting an old-time Ozark fiddle camp at Mountain View, Arkansas.  The inspiration for the program came at the death of old time Ozark fiddler Bob Holt.  Today, the program consists of four different parts.  

  • The heart of Ozark Mountain Music is our camping program.  For the past ten years Ozark Mountain Music has sponsored two one-week fiddle programs each year.  The first camp is open to any young person ages 11 -17 who wants to learn old-time Ozark Fiddle music.  The second camp is four days in length and is for the better fiddlers selected from the first camp who are members of a troupe of fiddlers called The Possum Holler Fiddlers.  At this camp the fiddlers learn to perfect their tunes, work together and create the elements of a performance.  
  • OMM sponsors a touring troupe of young fiddlers, the Possum Holler Fiddlers.  This troupe is comprised of our better fiddlers.  In the past ten years the Possums have given over 100 performances in churches, at Ozark festivals, nursing homes, and pre-shows in Branson.  The most memorable performances include the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, twice at the White House.  Another notable accomplishment was the traveling of three of our fiddlers to Haiti last summer to conduct a week-long fiddle camp, featuring gospel music  
  • Five years ago, OMM began an afterschool program offering fiddle music to aspiring young musicians  
  • We are now working with the Haiti Education foundation to develop a music program in Haiti.
  • For administration we have a small home office with three part-time frugally paid workers.

 Initial funding for the Traditional Ozark Mountain Music Fiddle Program came from Ozark Adventures, a 501 (c) 3 not-for

profit corporation in Branson, Missouri.

Performance History 

  • 2008 concert at Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Art in Springfield by various area musicians in support of the new traditional fiddle music program.  
  • 2008 1st Traditional Ozark Fiddle Music Camp held in Mountain View, Arkansas.  All subsequent camps have been held at various hotels in the Branson, Missouri area.    
  • 2008 First Performance by the Possum Holler Fiddlers.  Silver Dollar City, other appearances on KSFC television, and at the Taney Center, Forsyth.    
  • 2009 Inauguration of Governor Jay Nixon, Jefferson City, Missouri  
  • 2011 The Possum Holler Fiddlers appear ten times in their trip to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland to an estimated 10,000 people.  
  • 2012 - 14  The Possum Holler Fiddlers make a dozen performances including appearances before Navy Veterans, the White River Valley Historical Society, The Branson Fiddle Festival, and two television stations. The Possums have now performed at the White House two different times, in 2012 and 2014.  Additional performances have included twenty (20) appearances  at bluegrass festivals, churches, assisted living homes, Chambers of Commerce, the Crane Broiler Festival, churches, benefits, and the Ozarks Writers League 35th Anniversary.  

    *Also, in 2013 Ozark Mountain Music began an after-school program providing weekly fiddle lessons to young students from the area.  This program is now expanding quickly and is in need of additional funding.  It is our hope to expand this to young homeless students this year.