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Our Mission:

Ozark Mountain Music is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to passing the traditional music of the Ozarks on to another generation of fiddlers.

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Our Inspiration:

Legendary Ozark fiddle player Bob Holt.  (1930-2004).  A true Ozark treasure, Bob knew hundreds of traditional Ozark tunes. With the accompaniment of fellow musicians, he played at community dances across the Ozarks and was renowned for the heavy and energetic beat of his dance music.  In 1999 he was awarded a National Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts at the White House, followed by a performance at the Kennedy Center. 


Ozark Moutain Music PROGRAMS    


    The Possum Holler Fiddlers are the showcase of the program. The Possums average a performance each month at churches, fairs, festivals and other venues throughout the Ozarks. The Possums have played in four different states, in addition to the Fringe Festival in Scotland, and at the White House.


    Ozark Mountain Music has begun offering fiddle lessons to students in after-school programs.  Our after-school program is the latest program of Ozark Mountain Music.  The program began in 2013 at Reeds Spring and Branson.  


    Through the Haiti Education Foundation, headquartered in El Dorado, Arkansas, we have discovered the small crossroads village of Cherident in the mountains on the western side of Haiti where several young Haitian students are already taking violin lessons. During our stay we will be both giving fiddle lessons during the daytime and performing (probably in conjunction with the day time students) in the evening.

  • Camp

    The yearly Traditional Ozark Moutain Music Camp pairs old-time Ozark Fiddlers with young, aspiring fiddlers, age 11-17. A second camp, by invitation only is for seasoned fiddlers and concentrates on fine tuning fiddle tunes and ensembles. 

Important Dates

Feb 24, 2018        Forsyth Senior Center             1:30 – 2:30

April 14, 2018        Mt. Grove Assisted Living        1:30 – 2:00

May 5, 2018        Baker Creek Seed Company        

May 25, 2018        Veterans Home, Mt Vernon         9:30 – 10:00

June 9, 2018        Persimmon Hill Blueberry Farm         9:30

June 10 – 14, 2018    Traditional Ozark fiddle Camp

June 16, 2018        Persimmon Hill Blueberry Farm         9:30

June 24 - 27 2018    Advanced (Possum) Camp

July 8 – 17, 2018    Trip Across America, Springfield to Washington, D.C.

July 23 – 31        Haiti Camp

September 9, 2018    Kiwanis Club, Springfield